In 2018, the AutoZone Liberty Bowl celebrates 60 years of outstanding post-season college football action. AutoZone Liberty Bowl fans have welcomed legendary field generals and have witnessed unforgettable MVP performances by some of college football's finest athletes. We invite you to join in the festivities as these current gridiron heroes carry on what has become a time-honored Memphis and national tradition.

TaylorL Action 1

Lawrence Taylor, 1977 North Carolina


Kellen Winslow, 1980 Missouri


1984 3edit

Bo Jackson, 1984 MVP Auburn

Antowain Smith

Antowain Smith, 1996 Houston


1982 1edit

Bear Bryant, 1959, 1969, 1976, 1982 Alabama

1973 - LouHoltzedit

Lou Holtz, 1973 NC State


1977 2edit

Tom Osborne, 1977 Nebraska

1962 - Terry Baker Heisman edit

Terry Baker, 1962 Oregon State



Sherrod Gideon, 1997 MVP & 1999 Southern Miss


Randy White, 1974 MVP Maryland


2006 - Spurrieredit

Steve Spurrier, 2006 South Carolina

1968 3edit

Archie Manning, 1968 Ole Miss



John Majors, 1986 Tennessee


Donovan McNabb, 1996 Syracuse


1983 4edit

Doug Flutie, 1983 MVP Boston College

1961 - Ernie Davis edit

Ernie Davis, 1961 Syracuse



Shaun King, 1998 MVP Tulane


Lavell Edwards, 1998 BYU

1961 Ernie Davis edit

1961 - ERNIE DAVIS rushed 30 times for 140 yards and ran a touchdown in to lead the Syracuse Orangemen over Miami in the Third Annual AutoZone Liberty Bowl. Earlier in the year, Davis became the first Syracuse player to ever receive the Heisman Trophy; more importantly, however, he was the first African-American to win the coveted award. His 2,386 career rushing yards broke the Syracuse record previously held by football great Jim Brown. Tragically, Ernie Davis died two years after graduating. He was a victim of leukemia, which ironically is a disease that St. Jude Children’s Hospital has made tremendous strides in treating.

1962 Terry Baker Heisman edit

1962 - The AutoZone Liberty Bowl hosted its second Heisman Trophy winner in Oregon State’s TERRY BAKER. Baker led the Beavers to a 6-0 victory over Villanova. His 99-yard touchdown run in the 4th Annual AutoZone Liberty Bowlstill stands as the longest touchdown scamper in the games illustrious history. Baker still holds the school record for longest run from scrimmage and is 2nd all-time in total offense, 2nd all-time in passing, and 10th all-time in career rushing yards.

1983 4edit

1983 - DOUG FLUTIE, who would go on to win the Heisman the next year, completed 15 of 37passes for 287 yards and 3 touchdowns in a losing effort as his Boston College Eagles fell to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 19-18. Flutie, who received the game’s Most Valuable Player award, holds records at Boston College in: career passing yards and career total offense. Flutie was a starting quarterback in the NFL for the Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers after a seven-year career in the Canadian Football League.

1984 3edit

1984 - Heisman Trophy winner-to-be BO JACKSON led his Auburn Tigers to a 21-15 victory over the Arkansas Razorbacks. Bo was named the games Most Valuable Player as he ran for 90 yards on 18 carries and 2 touchdowns. Jackson received the Heisman a year later and went on to be one of sport’s most popular athletes. His ability to break away from tacklers with the NFL’s Los Angeles Raiders was complemented by his ability to hit the home run ball. He made his professional baseball debut with Memphis’ AA Chicks and went on to play for both the Kansas City Royals and Chicago WhiteSox.

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Allen Lazard, Iowa State 2017
Trenton Thompson, Georgia 2016
Alex Collins, Arkansas 2015
Kyle Allen, Texas A&M 2014
Dak Prescott, Mississippi State 2013
Trey Watts, Tulsa 2012
Isaiah Pead, Cincinnati 2011
Latavius Murray, UCF 2010
Ryan Mallett, Arkansas 2009
Ventrell Jenkins, Kentucky 2008
Derek Pegues, Mississippi State 2007
Blake Mitchell, South Carolina 2006
Paul Smith, Tulsa 2005
Stefan LeFors, Louisville 2004
Morgan Scalley, Utah 2003
LaTarence Dunbar, TCU 2002
David Ragone, Louisville 2001
Cecil Sapp, Colorado State 2000
Adalius Thomas, Southern Mississippi 1999
Shaun King, Tulane 1998
Sherrod Gideon, Southern Mississippi 1997
Malcolm Thomas, Syracuse 1996
Kwame Ellis, Stanford 1995
Johnny Johnson, Illinois 1994
Jeff Brohm, Louisville 1993
Cassius Ware, Ole Miss 1992
Rob Perez, Air Force 1991
Rob Perez, Air Force 1990
Randy Baldwin, Ole Miss 1989
Dave Schnell, Indiana 1988
Greg Thomas, Arkansas 1987
Jeff Francis, Tennessee 1986
Cody Carlson, Baylor 1985
Bo Jackson, Auburn* 1984
Doug Flutie, Boston College* 1983
Jeremiah Castille, Alabama 1982
Eddie Meyers, Navy 1981
Mark Herrmann, Purdue 1980
Roch Hontas, Tulane 1979
James Wilder, Missouri 1978
Matt Kupec, North Carolina 1977
Barry Krauss, Alabama 1976
Ricky Bell, USC 1975
Randy White, Maryland 1974
Stan Fritts, North Carolina State 1973
Jim Stevens, Georgia Tech 1972
Joe Ferguson, Arkansas 1971
David Abercrombie, Tulane 1970
Bob Anderson, Colorado 1969
Steve Hindman, Ole Miss 1968
Jim Donnan, North Carolina State 1967
Jimmy Cox, Miami (Fla.) 1966
Tom Bryan, Auburn 1965
Ernest Allen, Utah 1964
Ode Burrell, Mississippi State 1963
Terry Baker, Oregon State* 1962
Dick Easterly, Syracuse 1961
Dick Hoak, Penn State 1960
Jay Huffman, Penn State 1959
*Heisman Trophy Winner


Listed Alphabetically with Teams and Years.

Click on each coach's name for more information.

Arnsparger, Bill LSU 1985
Bailiff, David Rice 2013
Battle, Bill Tennessee 1971, 1974
Bell, Alex Villanova 1962
Bellard , Emory Texas A&M 1975
Bicknell, Jack Boston College 1983
Bielema, Bret Arkansas 2015
Blankenship, Bill Tulsa 2012
Bower, Jeff Southern Mississippi 1997, 1999, 2003
Brewer, Billy Ole Miss 1989, 1992
Briles, Art Houston 2006
Brooks, Rich Kentucky 2008
Broyles, Frank Arkansas 1971
Bruce, Earl Ohio State 1981
Bryant, Paul "Bear" Alabama 1959, 1969, 1976, 1982
Campbell, Matt Iowa State  2017
Casanova, Len Oregon 1960
Claiborne, Jerry Maryland 1974
Claiborne, Jerry Virginia Tech 1966, 1968
Cooper, John Ohio State 1990
Corum, Gene West Virginia 1964
Croom, Sylvester Mississippi State 2007
Crowder, Eddie Colorado 1969, 1970
Crowton, Gary Brigham Young 2001
Davis, Paul Mississippi State 1963
DeBerry, Fisher Air Force 1989, 1990 1991, 1992
Donahue, Terry UCLA 1976
Dooley, Bill North Carolina 1977
Dooley, Vince Georgia 1967, 1987
Dye, Pat Auburn 1984
Edwards, Earle North Carolina State 1963, 1967
Edwards, Lavell BYU 1998
Engle , Rip Penn State 1959, 1960
Fambrough, Don Kansas 1973
Faust, Gerry Notre Dame 1983
Franklin, James Vanderbilt 2011
Fulcher, William Georgia Tech 1972
Gustafson, Andy Miami-FL 1961
Gutekunst, John Minnesota 1986
Harris, Walt Pittsburgh 1997
Hatfield, Kenny Arkansas 1984, 1987
Hawkins, Dan Boise State 2004
Helton, Kim Houston 1996
Hill, Pat Fresno State 2005
Holgorsen, Dana West Virginia 2014
Holtz, Lou North Carolina State 1973
Holtz, Skip East Carolina 2008, 2009
Jones, Butch Cincinnati 2011
Jordon, Shug Auburn 1965
Kragthorpe, Steve Tulsa 2005
Logan, Steve East Carolina 1994, 1995
Lubick, Sonny Colorado State 1999, 2000, 2002
Majors, Johnny Iowa State 1972
Majors, Johnny Tennessee 1986
Mallory, Bill Indiana 1988
McClendon, Charlie LSU 1978
McKay, John Southern California 1975
Meyer, Urban Utah 2003
Morrison, Joe South Carolina 1988
Mullen, Dan Mississippi State 2013
Norvell, Mike  Memphis  2017
Nagle, Ray Utah 1964
O'Leary, George UCF 2007,2010
Osborne, Tom Nebraska 1977
Pasqualoni, Paul Syracuse 1996
Paterno, Joe Penn State 1979
Patterson, Gary TCU 2002, 2016
Perles, George Michigan State 1993
Petrino, Bobby Louisville & Arkansas 2004, 2009
Pittman, Jim Tulane 1970
Powers , Warren Missouri 1978, 1980
Prothro, Tommy Oregon State 1962
Rhoads, Paul Iowa State 2012
Richt, Mark Georgia 2010
Scelfo, Chris Tulane 1998
Schnellenberger, Howard Louisville 1993
Schwartzwalder, Ben Syracuse 1961
Sherrill, Jackie Mississippi State 1991
Smart, Kirby Georgia 2016
Smith, John L. Louisville 2000, 2001
Smith, Larry Tulane 1979
Snyder, Bill Kansas State 2015
Spurrier, Steve South Carolina 2006
Sumlin, Kevin Texas A&M 2014
Tate, Charlie Miami-FL 1966
Teaff, Grant Baylor 1985
Tepper, Lou Illinois 1994
Vaught, John Ole Miss 1965, 1968
Welsh, George Navy 1981
White, Mike Illinois 1982
Willingham, Tyrone Stanford 1995
Young, Jim Purdue 1980

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